6 Small Kitchen Island With Storage Ideas

small kitchen island with storage is a perfect way to add extra work surfaces for a kitchen that seems too small or cramped. It can be used as a pantry or additional storage for your most-used utensils. Whether you’re looking for a freestanding bookcase, bar, or cabinet table, you’ll find storage solutions that complement the island’s existing design. You can keep the cost affordable by installing storage shelves yourself or by purchasing storage shelves at a shoestring budget.

Most of the islands come with built-in cabinets and storage options, but you can customize them according to your desires. If you want to put something out of the way by hiding, you can choose to keep it in the lower section of the island, where it’s out of sight and reach.

If you want to change the overall appearance of your kitchen, you can bring up your own storage to the existing island. You’ll find that there are different storage types you can choose from, such as wooden shelves, wire shelves, open cabinets, and pegboard storage. These options will give you a clear understanding of storing your items, depending on the available space.

Below is a round-up selection of the best small kitchen island with storage ideas.


A kitchen island with a pet feeding station provides a practical, valuable workspace for pet owners. It brings up the convenience of the countertop for the pet to enjoy while enhancing your kitchen value. It gives you the ability to enjoy a convenient place for your pet to enjoy the company. You can even feed your four-legged companion conveniently while keeping an eye on it.

kitchen island with Pet Feeding Station

Adding pet feeding storage to your kitchen island is a great way to keep grooming supplies and bedding securely. It’s also a wise idea to build a sturdy shelve above the counter so you can keep your pet’s food and supplies out of your reach. You can easily find inexpensive shelves at different home improvement stores. It’s also a good idea to pick out some sturdy shelves for the sake of a safe environment. If you’d like, you can hang a mirror on the wall of the island so that you can keep an eye on your pet while preparing their food. By incorporating some of the suggestions in this article, you can create a pet-friendly feeding station.


Undercounter refrigerator drawers have recently trended in modern and contemporary kitchens. They can be installed behind a stainless steel refrigerator to store different items such as vegetables, daily products, perishable, and consumables. Alternatively, you can mount these drawers with a cabinet door hinged to access the storage area.

kitchen island with undercounter fridge

They’re various benefits of undercounter refrigerator drawers. They’re easily accessible as no cabinet door has to be opened to get into the drawer. Another advantage is a room for storage without taking up valuable cabinet or pantry space. It keeps everything on track by storing in pantries or upper cabinets. 

You’ll find that undercounter refrigerator drawers are relatively small and designed to fit a small counter space. They’re also relatively inexpensive, with a great warranty. They can provide a wide range of designs that suits your needs. While providing many conveniences and benefits, they also present some drawbacks. Some of them is no visual indication of whether a drawer is open. Thus, a person opening the drawer will be unclear if anything is within the drawer or not.


They’re many styles of bookshelves you can choose from to make a perfect solution for your kitchen. You can choose from metal or plastic bookcases as well as wooden or glass bookcases. You can opt for a freestanding bookshelf which can save the kitchen counter space.

A wooden bookshelf is an excellent solution for a smaller kitchen and can be achieved by hiring a well-versed woodworker. Alternatively, you can buy ready-made wooden shelves from your local DIY store. If you prefer to go for a transparent look, you can choose a bookshelf made of glass. It’s a great idea to enable you to see through the case as you grab your chosen book.

You can design it with a single piece, but it can limit the number of books the shelf can entail. The best approach is a design with two or three shelves to hold the books, bringing an excellent clearance and collection.


small kitchen island with storage shelves not only attracts attention but also adds rooms of storage. You can keep all sorts of accessories and tableware in the drawer cabinet or even on the shelves. A storage shelf gives space for kitchen utensils, crockery, pots, and pans. In addition, you can rearrange the kitchen storage cleverly to keep appliances neatly arranged and organized.

kitchen island with storage shelves

If you want a practical kitchen design, look no further than a kitchen island with storage shelves. It eliminates the need for space since you can fit all of your tools, utensils, and accessories. You’ll have an easier time keeping your cooking space clean and tidy.

To get the most out of a kitchen island with storage shelves, you need to consider the following aspects.

  • Location

Kitchen Island with storage shelves provides the best when installed in the middle of the kitchen. Thus, the storage must not be too far from the island. If your kitchen is tight spaced, you can keep some utensils on top of the island with storage shelves.  

  • Kitchen size

An island with storage shelves will only grab attention when it complements your kitchen style. You can choose by placing the island at the center of the kitchen or near the window. Alternatively, you can put the island in the middle of the corner. Find the right place that can complement your room space and design.

  • Appliances

You can make your storage shelves much functional by attaching a refrigerator and ovens. Thus, it’s necessary to consider how to keep accessories organized. For example, you can connect the fridge and oven in the middle of the storage shelves.

  • Budget

Kitchen appliances and cabinets are always the perfect elements to make the island welcoming. In this case, the cabinets will look more expensive. But, you can keep everything on budget when you get in contact with some retail shops.


Do you want to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen? Then a kitchen island with tableware and dish storage is something to check out. It’s an exceptional style that’s going to provide the classy look you’ve been waiting for. It brightens the space to display dishes and other kitchenware, which would save you space. It can hold plates, cups, bowls in a space-saving way.

kitchen island with dinnerware storage

Kitchen islands with tableware and dish storage can be the right solution for small kitchens with tight space. It can bring up storage and prep space without taking up additional floor or shelf space. Dish storage comes in a variety of materials, sizes, and colors. Some designs come with stools or countertops, making it one for meals or extra seating.


Installing dry drawers is one of the easiest ways to store the clutter in the kitchen. You can store your pots, pans, and utensils in the same spot without worrying about spills. You can have everything at hand in a matter of seconds, and no need to keep moving items.

kitchen island with dry drawes

A dry storage drawer is cost-effective because you don’t have to pay for expensive cabinets and shelves. It’s an easy-to-build style, where you can use different materials to build one. Wooden drawers are the most commonly used for dry storage drawers. It’ll save you from spending extra bucks when renovating your kitchen.

You can add the look of a vintage or country kitchen style by adding a dry storage drawer on the island. You don’t need to be a pro since anyone can achieve great results. It’s an easy-to-build style, where you can use different materials to build one. It’ll save you from spending extra bucks when renovating your kitchen.

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