Small Kitchen Island With Sink Ideas

small kitchen island with sink is an excellent addition to any kitchen design. But, because it’s so small, it needs to be made functional. That’s why small islands are the best for countertop kitchen, which is the most basic. 

A kitchen sink is a useful appliance to have around the house. It has various uses, which you can find in many recipes. You can choose from different kitchen sinks, such as the pedestal sink and the undermount sink, to name a few. As it’s a great appliance you can use at home, you must ensure that it’s well fitted and you can get the job done by washing quickly. Kitchen sinks have a significant impact on the overall look and the feel of your area. You would like to consider a kitchen sink with wowing regard that’ll blend nicely with your existing design.

Why a small kitchen island with sink?

A kitchen sink is a noble appliance, which can be used to wash hands, clean dirty dishes, and store pots and pans. Most modern sinks are made in such a way that it has a specific function as well. However, an island sink is a special kind of sink that has a dual purpose.

It’s not surprising that an island sink is trendy. It’s an excellent way of extending the functionality of the kitchen as well as giving a stylish look.

What sink should you choose for the kitchen island?

The sink you choose for the island should complement the existing design with functionality. If you have a modern kitchen, you’ll likely be looking for a sleek kitchen sink. You can also opt for a custom-made sink. If you’ve a vintage or traditional kitchen, choosing a sink with a more natural design might be advisable.

In this article, we are going to show you the most famous small kitchen island with sink design. You can choose to save the one you like most!


kitchen island with double bowl sink

Two-bowl sinks are tremendously implemented in many large kitchens. The reason is that one can be used for washing while the other for rinsing. It eliminates the need for an extra appliance such as dishwater and allows more efficient use of space.

It’s advised for a sink to be mounted below a countertop. To speed up the washing process, it’s common to provide a single opening at the bottom of the sink, which may be in a countertop or the sink deck itself. This opening may be provided by a single hole, which opens into the bottom, or the sink can be of a dual-hole construction where each hole opens at the bottom. It permits the washing and rinsing of the two dishes to be done at the same time.

kitchen with double bowl sink

A two-bowl sink can be used to wash utensils, dishes, and the like as it’s preferred over a kitchen sink with a single bowl for several reasons. It’s the preferred option because of convenience and economical.

In a two-bowl sink, the hot rinse water can be used for washing items such as pots and pans, while a cold water rinse can be used for rinsing out items. In a one-bowl sink, one must use one sink for washing and another sink for rinsing, making it more inconvenient and time-consuming. Further, if an item is heavily encrusted with food or grease, it’s tough to wash or rinse out without scraping or scraping off the encrustation. For example, if an object such as a pot is heavily encrusted with grease, it’s challenging to rinse the item out by merely pouring cold water into the sink.

A one-bowl sink also does not work as well as a two-bowl sink in cleaning utensils or dishware. A one-bowl sink cannot hold large amounts of hot and cold water very effectively for washing or rinsing dishware or other items. In addition, with a one-bowl sink, a hot water supply tends to be too low to maintain a hot temperature throughout the kitchen sink.


counter top granite with corner sink

Corner sinks can help you to save space in any kitchen. They are efficient for kitchens with an L-, U- or G-shaped floor plan. But, they are also beneficial in freestanding kitchens. Corner sinks can provide more excellent storage and make the most of wall and countertop space. But, the installation of corner sinks can be a bit tricky. A good corner sink should be properly engineered, installed, and maintained. You must install it the right way because you don’t want to have any issues later. Read the instructions to find out how to install the corner sink correctly.

What type of corner sink is suitable for a small island?

The best way to decide on the perfect type of corner sink is to look at your island and check how it can complement the existing design. For example, the corner sinks that are suitable for an L-shaped island are often more space-saving and convenient. A G-shaped kitchen requires the use of a corner sink with storage to avoid clutter. But you have to consider the space available on the wall and the floor. Make sure that the sink will be placed at an ideal spot where it will fit well.

Can you install a corner sink without plumbing?

Yes, corner sinks are pretty simple to install, especially if you hire professional installers. However, you should be careful not to drill holes that will harm the wall. If you don’t want to put up a large hole, you can use a drywall patch to cover the gap. Alternatively, if you are lucky enough to have a brick wall, you can install a corner sink using a brick corner. This won’t require you to drill any holes or make a large hole in the wall. You will simply have to install the sink correctly.

How much space do you need for a corner sink?

You will need to ensure that the corner sink will fit in your kitchen without obstructing the floor, wall, or countertop. It should be at a comfortable distance. If you want the best out of corner sinks, you need at least 16 inches of clearance. If you wish the corner sink to be at a certain distance from the edge of the countertop, you will need to plan the installation carefully.


kitchen island with granite sink

Granite sinks are probably the best option if you’re looking for a beautiful and sturdy sink. They are incredibly durable with stain-resistant, and hard to chip. With different sink colors you can choose from, it’s an excellent choice to stick for a sink that’ll complement the rest of your kitchen decor.

You’ll find that they’re different styles, colors, and finishes of granite sinks, so better to opt for the best fitting with your design and tastes. You can order a granite sink online from a reputable company with the best selection. Although granite sinks are not cheap, they’re much durable and long-lasting.

There’re several types of granite. The most popular one is the granite slabs. It comes in various shapes such as square, rectangular, octagonal, round, and even rectangular. It’s available in different colors and textures.


granite sink

Another impressive feature of the granite sink is that it’s stain-resistant and can be left unfinished or polished. It’s also easy to maintain where you can clean it much ease. You can choose to have the sink coated or left unpolished. If you want the sink to stand out with a glowing appearance, choose a darker color.


Undermount sinks sit right under the counter, just like the faucets. The big problem with them is that the top of the sink is always covered in countertop material. It can turn your kitchen appears smaller.

island with undermount sink

Undermount sinks come in different sizes and shapes. The best type is the one matching your countertop design. The depth of the sink can range from 1-inch to 8-inch depth. Shallow undermount sinks are ideal for a smaller kitchen island, while deeper undermount sinks are the best for larger kitchens with expanded countertop space.

One of the most significant benefits of an undermount sink is that it’s shallow profile and can still be implemented with the same amount of counter space used by the sink. You’ll get impressed with the appearance of an undermount sink inside its open tops. The shape and size of the sink can be customized to fit the layout of your kitchen.

A considerable benefit of an undermount sink is that it’s much easier to clean. It does not require extra time or energy to finish the cleaning process. In fact most of the sink comes with a drain that eases out cleaning to keep the countertop fresh. When you get an undermount sink, the top is tightly smooth, which does not need to be resurfaced as much as standard sinks do.



A wooden sink is another good option widespread in modern kitchens. You’ll find that most kitchen island sinks are wooden, which is great because they add a classic and rustic feel. They’re the most durable sink types, which require very little maintenance. All you need to do is to clean them with soap and warm water. If you’ve a sink made from wood, your kitchen will never look outdated.


wooden sink

If you’re in a market for wooden kitchen sinks, you’ll find many styles on the market. You can choose from traditional, modern styles, and more. The best way to land a perfect wooden sink is to research online. You will find tons of free online resources available. However, it doesn’t hurt to pay for a company with a trusted source of information. It’ll help you to determine the best wooden sink that complements your house.


With their rough-and-tumble charm, farmhouse kitchen sinks are a popular option for kitchen sink remodels as our tastes in decor evolve. They’re much versatile and can fit the style of the homeowner’s lifestyle. They’re usually more affordable than installing a countertop and can fit in existing cabinets. A kitchen remodel with the addition of a farmhouse sink can transform the overall appearance. It can bring your kitchen up to the standard of a new renovation. It adds warmth and brings closer to the feel of a kitchen from a decade past.

island with farmhouse sink

A farmhouse sink is ideal for homeowners who want a unique, rustic touch to their kitchen sink. It’s also a versatile option for those who prefer to keep their countertop clean and simple. Farmhouse sinks come in many styles and can be found in various colors to match your countertop’s decor. They’re few options for farmhouse sinks, so a remodel is a great way to bring some personality.

Why Choose a Farmhouse Kitchen Sink?

If you’re currently remodeling your kitchen, a farmhouse sink is a great option to add renovation. It can be installed in a range of locations in the kitchen or as a stand-alone piece of decor. You can choose to go for a color that blends with your cabinets, appliances, and countertop. A farmhouse sink can also be used as a unique decor piece that brings much durability and timelessness than a plastic or vinyl sink.

A farmhouse sink will often include a porcelain or clay bowl that’ll make cleaning much easier and more sanitary. It usually comes with a built-in strainer, so there’s no need for a separate strainer or extra drainboard. It makes the sink much easier to clean and keeps counters and floors cleaner.


A circular sink is an excellent option for creating something different, well suited to minimalist designs and smaller spaces. There are many different round sinks to choose from, from the traditional circular sink to the one with a unique edge feature. With various colors and designs to choose from, it’s essential to carefully select a sink that fits your particular design and the overall interior.


kitchen island with circular saw

A round-shaped kitchen sink has been an option when it comes to home improvement. Its practical benefits of saving space make it an attractive alternative to the more conventional rectangular design.

A circular kitchen sink is an excellent option for smaller kitchen spaces and is well suited to a minimalist style. If your room is tight-spaced, then a circular sink can save a lot of space with a tidy appearance. In other words, the design is practical in every sense to give you significant savings in space compared to a conventional design.

As we’ve mentioned above, a circular kitchen sink is a versatile option. There’s a good chance that it’ll match your small kitchen island design with other elements to create a harmonious appearance. If you’re thinking of a way to renovate your kitchen island without too much overpowering, then you may have a subtle look that a circular sink gives you. With its subtle round shape, its design is something that’s not only beautiful but also easy to blend into any kitchen design.

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